PB ( / Milnerton, South Africa)


Cold, dark grey chains
Binding me to this place
Stuck frozen in everlasting pain
Time ticks slowly, Binding rains

My punishment is oh so clear
No chance of a fast, daring escape
Shedding millions of little bloody tears
They used against me, my greatest fears

Strong grey bricks, hold me in
Never cracking from my attempts
My enemies in this case win
My punishment because of sin

Knives and needles piercing my skin
Pain and sorrow is all I feel
Bruises and cuts all that appear
And my punisher only grins

The sun and moon
Is all of my company
Telling me which is day and night
Singing to me an unheard tune

My punishment of death
Death by pain
Death by sorrow
Death without mercy
With this, my sins atoned

by BlacknessRose ...

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What a frightening and horrible truth for so many! Vividly described. I suspect, by someone who knows. GW62