Freelanced Interpretations

So uncomfortable they are!
In their own skins.
So uncomfortable you wouldn't know it.

But listen to them passing judgement.
Listen to them quote scripture.
And begin to give their freelanced interpretations.

Listen to them denounce the lives of others.
And their choices made.
Then listen to them smugly admit,
In high self satisfied indulgence...
What they will or will not do...'IF'
The situation called for their 'qualified'
Decision making techniques!
Of course found common...
On accepted garbaged and trashed piled streets.

'If' a choice made was not taken upon their advice?
How dare
Should that 'someone'
Have that much independence?
And it will be mentioned...
Until forgiveness is begged!

These sheltered from reality 'predictables',
Pronounce an undying love and closeness to God!
Enough to turn a listener's stomach!
If an excuse hasn't already been made earlier to leave!

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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