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Freestyle - Inspiration (My First Recorded Freestyle...Ancient) 8-8-09
CT (8/25/93 / Buffalo, New york)

Freestyle - Inspiration (My First Recorded Freestyle...Ancient) 8-8-09

And this is crazy man this aint even somethin I wrote
You wouldn’t believe the type stuff that comes out of this kids throat
Yeah and there’s no toppin this
Man it’s my esophagus
As long as it’s still breathin you all know that there’s stoppin this
See the stuff that I say just entitled me lethal
Cause one thought from my cerebral is deeper than a jeep full of people
Yeah that’s Eminem’s line
But this is Xeniyah’s time
However half of it wouldn’t be without Em’s rhyme
Thanks goes to all my predecessors
I shall be your successors
This goes to Nas Wu-Tang Rakim Eminem and real Mic Checka’s
Krs-One is added Kweli’s a definite
Tupac is still with me Makaveli reppin it
Lupe is number one
Well I think I can’t decide hopefully they’re into me
Cause I am a soul of mischief 93 till infinity
That’s the year I was born and I’ll keep rockin this party
Forever I will Xeniyah, no one could ever body
I keep bringin the pain man method is my illusion
The Fugees won’t come back I think it’s just a delusion
This music’s for the soul but it aint all good
This music’s upbringin not keepin niggas back in the hood
There’s nothin good about it No good you need to know
So people stop praisin it and harbor a peaceful flow
Soon I’m bouta blow and not the ways of the gays
But to amaze the sound mind of the rays and Kanyes
And those like Common Sense but I’ll just keep his sense common
Shinoda was my Idol High Voltage had me slobbin
I’m an Outkast in society and the Panther’s in our souls
Soon I’ll be at Linkin Park just rockin up all the shows
I’m a put the peace sign up and down my index like the Gym Class Heroes
Then you’ll see me Busta rhyme just to Slash the Guns N Rose
See my peoples is Dialated My flows dehydrated
You know I’m made of this and you can Jade a kiss
This freestyle is sick cause I’m fancy free and foot loose
But still a baby to you niggas you can call me a Papoose
From a Tribe called Quest but I use my Jedi Mind Tricks to ruin my foes
This is Xeniyah Comin off the top like bird’s and hoes
And there it goes

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Rudyard Kipling


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