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Freestyle Thoughts 6

It's so hard to keep it simple
So I try my best to explain
I know I can be confusing
Especially if I drive myself insane
At least you try to maintain
Refraining from petty compulsion
So much easier to give in
Commencing a journey without a specific direction
Searching for that steady motion
Forgive me for being so wrong
Constantly avoiding the truth
It took time for me to be strong
I have waited so long
To find out if I was right
In my mind I see an image
That compares you to the night
We keep searching for that light
Hoping to ease our pain
It's so hard to forget
The memories so eager to remain
Taking my time to regain
Only when I confuse myself
It's true that I get worried
Especially when I ask for help
Can you honestly tell?
If I am constantly lying
Conversations with a smile
But deep inside I am really crying
There is no denying
For the things that I do
If I could stop my thoughts
It would result in erasing you
But that's not what I intend to
I like to find out where it ends
If I try and run from it
Only becomes easier to pretend
How can we be just friends?
It frustrates me to think otherwise
Every bit of time I spend with you
I take one more step towards compromise
But slowly I begin to realise
What really gets me upset?
Why do I feel so strong?
For someone who I have just met
As hard it is to interpret
All seems like a positive outlook
Now that I think about it
Initiations all it took...

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