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Freestyle Thoughts 7

I don't need no sympathy
Or even a sign that you care
I don't precipitate my feelings
Or hide my emotions to be fair
Only common knowledge that I share
Followed by a distinct intention
Materials left aside
I sense satisfaction upon completion
Reality in a positive direction
But do I sound pessimistic
Although dying inside
The whole world expects me to be optimistic
Life can be so dramatic
Yet colorful in every perspective
Astonishing in a clear view
But closely quite compulsive
Situations appear in-decisive
In the end we tend to lose
Can't take back what I have said
All the words we seem to misuse
Issues we carefully infuse
Assists us in sacrificing faith
Not until we realise
The situations become too late
We use our pride to elevate
Resorting to use force
Confused about our destination
Struggling to stay on course
Resisting to feel remorse
But how long can I wait
Mentally so frustrated
But my heart beats at a steady rate
Developing an element of hate
But this is already too much
An alternative remedy
Is seeking spiritual touch
My foot steady on the clutch
But too scared to shift a gear
Agony results in laughter
But pain demands that I shed a tear
If only I could hear
The remains of my inner desire
The solution to my problems
Which are held to expire
Suppose I could acquire
A key to my personality
Even for a moment
The answer falls outside my mentality
Because behind my integrity
There is an evidence of curiosity...

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