God’s love created mortal man at sea
and gave him a fine dragnet out of love
but man swam ashore without fins
God became angry and in his rage
carried him to the topmost mountain
again man descended without wings
God looks on with subtle fascination

man now climbs molehills alone
and takes Icarus plunges home
but sustains mortal wounds
in the neck and in the heart
as the sun slowly melts his wings
made of seashells and lion hackles
God's love endureth forever!

Man, I salute your crafty freewill
but you must also be careful of height
and dizzy flights near abysmal pits
lest you get lost in the labyrinths
or sucked through the hole you dug
in the ozone layer to shield the
And His mercies endureth forever!

by Dela Bobobee

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