Guaranteed under the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution,
Among other liberties is freedom of religion;
Anyone can worship God or gods and idols one believes in,
Or can be faithful of faithless or anything between.

This freedom enjoyed under the law is noteworthy,
As the first couple in Eden was given liberty;
God wants us to obey and live with Him forever;
But gives us freedom to choose and consequences to bear.

God knew even before He created the first man and woman.
That we'll make bad choices and hide from Him if we can;
That's why grace was provided thru Christ Jesus the Son,
Those who believe, repent and obey Him theirs is salvation.

Should man to whom the God-given freedom was shown.
Impose their righteousness on others who have choices of
their own?
Because man makes many a wrong and foolish decision,
Christ's death on the cross for all to be saved
in the reason.

by Emmanuel G. DelRosario

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