French And Anglo-Saxon Dreams

Rêver means in French to rave
and to spin an idle fancy,
not being of your conscience slave,
alert with waking sycophancy.
The word to dream in English comes
from gladness, merriness and mirth,
mind-dances that like sugarplums
spin in a spiral, down-to-earth.

In the boudoirs and the salons
Frenchmen like to rave and spin;
Anglo-Saxons keep their balance
stiffening their upward chin
in the corridors and hallways,
drawing rooms and in the kitchen
where imagination always
down-to-earth cannot enrichen.


by gershon hepner

Comments (1)

That explains a lot to me Gershon! It must be the Italian in me, that makes me dance in abandonment and all day long then! lol The french are such romantics too. You did a great job incorporating the British stiff upper lip, the french (who don't like us! lol) romance and poetry. 10 from dancing romantic flutterby Tai