HW (Too long ago / Albert Pike Hospital)

Frequent Alternate Responsive Therapy

My flatulence chronic
Had me seeking the proper tonic.
It was sooo demonic.
I seemed to be hypersonic!
My diet was purged of any legume.
Otherwise, I would clear the room!
I was in such a state of gloom
Because of the odorous perfume!
My family relations
Suffered because of the vibrations.
The police even issued citations!
Imagine the frustrations!
I sought the power of prayer,
But it was still there!
For permanent isolation I started to prepare.
I declare, such despair!
I was about to move to the remote Hindu Kush.
For such drastic action others did push!
Then, I discovered the cause of my micro burst tush.
I was listenening too much to George W. Bush!

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