AL ( / Wollongong, Australia)


I have lost everything...
The things I most care about
And the people in my life
What is left to lose?
But my own!

Things just drifted away
And in comes the hurt
The pain followed by misery
Am i really myself?
I feel like someone else.

Time has moved on
The anger, yet guilt still remains inside of me
As time goes on,
I am still me, not yet free
Time will still go on
And so will all this pain
I so want to believe in myself, but how can you without any faith?

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Alessandra This is a good piece of poetry
Oh fresh air, I hate you so, if I could I'd live in a cesspool of toxic clouds, and chain smoke away. Fresh air, you leave me feeling empty, without life, cigarettes may be killing me, but at least they leave their mark in my lungs, reminding me that they haven't taken me to my grave. While you may not take me to my grave, you are unappealing, my lungs crave their own destruction, something that one as pure as you can never give me.