Twins Of Siam

You stir it one way and they the other,
but the mixture stays just as hot

You attack their motives and they attack yours,
while the contents boil and rot

"It needs to be this way"… the other side revolts,
"Your mind's faulty with avarice and greed"

The pot has simmered; the broth is thick,
and its bottom not easy to see

A mutual exclusion, first left then right
a feast—all soul's consumed

With spoon or fork, its offering slick
when the bowls come out at noon

In single file, day turns to night
pointed talk with nothing said

Both cupboard's bare, two rat's within
guarding their last crust of bread

When the final story is written and told
of what in concert you destroyed

A drum will beat, zero-sum complete
leaving you soulless—but still conjoined

(Villanova Pennsylvania: June,2016)

by Kurt Philip Behm

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Nice shirley This is a good piece of poetry
very nuice.. happy new yaer