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Friday Again
JGA (16 December 1943 / Nottingham)

Friday Again

Poem By Jonathan Goldman a.k.a JGthepoet

Altruistic values and intuitive thoughts
Ramble through the labyrinth of my brain,
Never slowing, always racing,
Lest my ambition I will attain.

Thoughts provoking, ever lively,
Never dormant ever again,
Will my thoughts invade my brain?
Or drive me more and more insane.

Thoughts do drift from verse to verse,
Torrid thoughts of words to write,
Why must ideas pervade my brain?
Why must these poems get forever worse?

Line after line I do write,
Often at this time of night,
In verses each of lines of four,
Subjects of which become a bore.

Now my brain begins to tire,
As this poem does near its end,
There will not be one tomorrow,
As it will be Friday again.

Copyright (c) Yisroel Yonatan Goldman [JGthepoet] - 10 November 2005

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it is in the nature of mind to generate thoughts the Buddha said so so your in good company always with a churning brain producing a fine poem