LK (12/21/1979 / Georgia)

Friday Night

Greet at the iron door
With keys and coat in hand
Feels like two eternities since
I’ve seen my beautiful friend.

Gently then, I did caress
Peered into those eyes
soft, kind, hungry, sweet,
Guided him inside.

Window to a quiet soul
Invitation to enter in,
Without a word, says so clear
All that we are feeling.

Fill my soul with all he is
Cannot get close enough
To places only we both know
Words can hardly touch.

Promised to keep simple,
We would be just friends
Cannot ease the ripple
Of all that we have been.

Half my life he’s wandered
Into my private thoughts
Oh, what would it be like
To give in to what we’ve fought.

Keep expecting that our thing
Would soon turn us away
Cause such stress, disappointment
We lose desire to play.

But each time that I get a dose
Is never quite enough
Find myself each Friday night
Desperate for his touch.

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