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Friday Night Booze Flight Ba2345
(1976 BC / Virothiom)

Friday Night Booze Flight Ba2345

Pi: Hey dude!
Pa: Here’s your rusty nail.
Pi: Cool amigo
Pa: So what’s up with you and that beautiful lass?
Pi: She’s my booze partner. How about you? Do you have a booze partner?
Pa: Off course I do. Camellia is her name and whiskey in the jar is the game.
Pi: Are you flyin’ with British Airways?
Pa: Yep, I’m goin’ to Ireland for the holidays. How about you?
Pi: Cool. I’m goin’ to Moscow. There is a vodka contest takin’ place on the 24th.
Pa: What’s the prize?
Pi: It’s 1000lt of any booze every year for the rest of your life.
Pa: Do you any chances in winning?
Pi: Nope. But it will be fun.
Pa: I see
Pi: So where are you goin’ in Ireland?
Pa: Dublin, Cork, Dingle and Galway.
Pi: That’s great amigo
Pa: I have to go cause I’ll lose my British Airways flight.
Pi: What’s your flight number?
Pa: It’s BA2345.
Pi: Mine too.
Pa: How can it be?
Pi: Well you see I’m the pilot of that flight and I’ll make a quick stop in Moscow for the contest.

Let’s booze boogie ladies and gentlemen…..

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Comments (3)

Haha... great. Not going on an airplane anytime soon, are ya? Funny and fun story Roger... waiting for next weeks installment! Lee
Stop it, Roger, you'll have me reaching for the chlordiazepoxide before my next flight! But the poemo was greato. Love, Fran xxx
See, it's not aeroplanes that are dangerous, it's pilots :) Hugs Anna xxx