In the times of loneliness and depression,
I need someone to share my affliction,
I need someone to hug me in my desolation,
I need someone to dry my tears from my eyes in dejection,
I need someone to make me happy in the times of lamentation.

I might find that person in form of a lover,
I would find refuge in love and become a dreamer,
I hope our relations would last long and forever,
However I am not sure that selfish love would last that longer.

I may find that person in the form of spiritual thoughts,
I would find peace and consolation in the divine sermons,
However as soon as I would shift my attention from meditation,
My heart would sink fast into the dire straits of depression.

If I am lucky, I would find that person in the form of a friend,
I would develop my friendship based on faith and trust,
My friend would be unselfish, kind and honest,
My love for my friend would be blind and earnest.

I would share my sadness and agony,
I would be assured that I would not be left alone,
I would cherish every moment of our company,
I would feel secure and complete in my life.

A real friend I would always treasure,
Your mere presence would bring joy and happiness in my life,
You would be a very special ship in my life's turbulent ocean,
I would be a sailor and our frienship will shine forever like a beacon.

by Jay P Narain

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