Poem By samuel nze

Are you my friend
Then why did you rate me
One over five
To spoil my score?

You are jealous or something
I told you that I was now FPC
And your temperature
Began to rise.

You are not my friend
If you are you
Would not treat me so shabbily
You know I least deserve it.

Comments about Friend?

Mary, it is not about the rating system here. But you must know there are some people who allow petty things like envy interfere with their ratings of the works of others even when this should not be the case. I was addressing one of such persons who in my perception tampered with my ratings on - if you know that site. Now you see. Do read and rate my poems if you like - I don't care much for ratings on this site, at least not as I care about those on P and Q. But thanks for your interest anyway. Have a nice day - I will read your poetry too.
I hope this is not about the rating system here........friendship should have nothing to do with how you are rated...just the caliber of each poem. I'm gonna read more of your work before I comment more. sincerely, Mary

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