I hope I could do something to ease the pain in your heart
I wish I could wash away all the tears in your eyes
Hug you tight so you can feel that I’m always here in your side
Wanting to make it all easier to bear

I’m not a good friend
Coz I don’t know how to show you how much I care
Don’t even know how to say the right words
Or even do the right thing as a friend

I’m just useless
Wanting so eagerly to help
But don’t know how it will begin
Don’t even know how to make it all happen

by Darlyn Rose Villarosa

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Yeah it's hard to not knowing what you should do to help a friend out cause you don't know what to do and even if they want you to help them out. gosh friendship is hard but it's worth trying to be a friend to someone cause we need someone to tell things to and to advise you with your problems.