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Friend is good
freind is sweet
without friend sometime it's like being in a dakness
cause sometime a friend can be closer than a family that you have

im in a middle of a darkness, i'm calling for help oh please someone help me, but too bad so sad no one can help, i want to scream, i want to shout but still their is no one around to help me, cause i have no friend around to help me

it's like me in inside a box their is no day or night, it's just darkness inside out i'm calling please someone help me

but no one can hear me, i want to make friend but it's like a little to late,
from were i'am in the little world that im leaving in no one can be my friend cause, i want to make friend, i mean why, why do i have to end up like this why all i'm asking is for a friend why darkness why alone why?

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Hey kathy... You do have friends..... we are so many here in PH. You write well... this has a flow and you display immense skill, do write more.