Friend Are You Qualified?

The Bible says beautiful are the feet of those who bring Good News,
And The Lord Himself started The Church with twelve unschooled Jews.

You don't need a college degree behind your name to sow good seed,
A deep love for Jesus and a real concern for people is all you need.

To share God's Word with others you need but just one qualification,
Friend you must have experienced The Lord's Glorious Sanctification.

The Church's start was quite shaky is the true fact of the matter,
Instead of boldly embracing The Cross the Apostles chose to scatter.

And by Peter who said he would never, Christ was three times denied,
It wasn't until The Spirit came upon him that he was changed inside.

Just days prior they argued who would sit at The Lord's right hand,
Now with The Cross behind them, each of them struggled to understand.

With grief now upon them they gathered together but filled with fear,
This friend would change completely when The Lord would again appear.

Alone without Their Lord, they became overwhelmed with utter sadness,
But when He appeared as He said they again were filled with gladness.

Jesus stayed long enough that they could understand His darkest hour,
And after He left, The Spirit came to fill them with might and power.

Their start may have been shaky, but God used them to set the stage,
And Christ is surely with us always, even to the very end of the age.

by Bob Gotti

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