Friend Like You

Poem By Karima Puzon

I had friend once
But I just lost him
I just want to know why
Why we couldn't be friends anymore

Maybe it is because of a stupid mistake I made
That I never thought it would grow and come this far
I never thought I lost a friend
This Fast

I know that I couldn't be perfect
So is my friend
We had some fights
We taunt...
But we had fun

I never thought that such a little problem
Would end our friendship
This problem that made him decide
To erase me as a friend
Erase me entirely in his life

I didn't see this coming
It just happened
Straight to me face a note
and i never thought that it would be

I don't even know what to do
I don't even know what to say
How could I let this happen?
Why wouldn't my friend stay?

I keep hitting my head in the wall
But such numbness, coldness I feel..

I am just helpless
I have nothing else to do
But cry
I begged and grew tired
But nothing happened

Such ragging emotions I feel
I just hate myself
I just want my friend to stay

I cried and cried
No sunlight I see
I asked God for help
But nothing changes

Hoping that something could help me
But am still here...
Missing a piece of my life

I never imagine a life without a friend like that
My life would not be the same ever again
all I can do is wave my friend GOOD BYE

But one thing is for sure
I would never find

(dedicated to a friend)

Comments about Friend Like You

it true... a true friend is there through thick and thin, from the best times and the worst times, and no matter how made they get they always forgive... thats a true friend my friend Kelli's friend Fluffy (a dude) was like her best guyfriend but he took advantage of her one day and hurt her relationship with Adam (her ex and one of her few boyfriend that she actually enjoyed being with) ... Adam won't date her again and Fluffy keeps telling her lies and hurting her more... it just a real mess! she thought he was her best friend but he just wants her for his own lustful pleasures...
K arima... a true friend always stays r ough times or not i n your lowest moments m aking you feel alright a mistake could turn right if he is a true friend!
people come n go in r lives so do with friends
Good job! ! nice piece! =)
I agree with Ash! you can take the horse to a river bank but you cannot force it to drink! Look around the good things happening in your life! You lose a friend but you're still breathing!

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