HP (08-07-1975 / Kansas)

Friend Of A Friend

i didn't really much pay them any heed
i really didn't notice them even from afar
i never gave them my time nor energy
those friends of my friends
those acquaintances of little consequence
i always assumed they wouldn't have any bearing
upon my so called life...
frequently passing them by with the brush of my shoulder
and the dusting of my shoes
never realising that what affected them
might one day affect me to
they were always just the friends of a friend
no one of import
not a soul that would cause an ebb or a flow
my relationships were solid
with little to and fro
till one day with their passing
my friends of their friends would say
did you ever really know so and so
they affected me in this way
i never realised that the touch they gave my friends
would one day bless me
with something i had not before
the touch my friends gave to me
came from friends of yor
they were blessed from their experience
and the love of others old
now the kindness that they expressed
was from legions past and told
what passion that they gave me
was taught from friends on hold
i wish that i was wiser
and had taken their friends in my fold
now the time is lost
and i will never feel their embrace
i can always look upon my friends
and see them in their face
i might not never know them
but in my heart of hearts
they shall ever be encased

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Pablo Neruda

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