HK (june 23 / nigeria)

Friend Or Foe

Friend or Foe?
This is the question I ask
As I look unto the world
Verily a Judas is come
It ate with me and plots my fall
Alas! How ungrateful that sounds
How “betrayous” that looks

In trust I poured out my mind
My secrets, my highs and lows
In glee he fed upon my soul
Taking glee in my weakness
As when the time came
He as a friend already knew my ways
He as a foe already plots my fall
As with a kiss on the cheek
He left me to drown in my foolishness
As still I ask ‘friend or foe? '

by hamid kareem

Comments (16)

Great writing, true of life.....10
Sometimes the people who we trust most appear to be our enemies, and betrayal is always painful. Very nice piece: -)
i like this poem it really illustrates the confusion you feel when you are betrayed by a friend its just another great poem of yours keep it up hamid: D
very interesting, in a good way. having a friend betray you isnt fun or good at all. it does hurt, especially when you let that person in, like in you said in your poem. great job. keep it up.
Betrayal by a friend is a painful have completely portrayed the feeling here...good write...
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