Friend Or Foe

Christmas always came too slow
and then it seemed to swiftly go.
Years were so long and seldom passed
and now they seem to pass so fast…

Now it seems there never is
time enough at hand
to fulfill the needs of surging days,
the best of which would never stay…

Holding on so tight
to fine grained sand
which slips between
my fingered hand…

I mourned as one by one
they tumbled to the ground
and were again,
not ever found….

There never was time enough
that I could hold,
and say
“this time will never slip away”.

But then, if by some magic spell,
I’d had my way
and time stood still
and stopped the ticking of the clocks,
these passing moments
now would be lost…

There never would be time enough;
that frozen moment
would then be our last,
and nothing more
would come to pass.

by David Taylor

Comments (1)

Time can be a friend and can be a foe; it depends on us on how we are going to use it… though you are right, there are moments that we want to hold on tight but still not really ours to last.