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Friend's Retirement

It was the year 2001
My best friend had recently passed away
My husband had yet another cardiac adventure
And I found myself at a dead end job with no health benefits
At a time when I needed it the most
Your offered me an opportunity I couldn't refuse
One that was too good to be true

You had confidence in me
Even when I didn't believe
I don't care what they say you
You have always been there for me and my family

Remember when Ghassan could've had a heart attack
If you hadn't taken him off of the Memorial Park track?
I am most grateful for that

Rumor has it you could be an ogre
But I've seen you turn a leaf or two over
We'll let them think you're really a bad guy
I promise I won't blow your cover

When I look around my house
For furniture I do not lack
And you have never asked for one piece back

Almost 6,000 bridges!
Condition ratings
Sufficiency calculations
and load posting recommendations
Aren't you going to miss the fun?

There's Bull Head Slough
and your interview
on the six o'clock news
and the motha of all inspectors Big Bubba

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