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Experience Proves Belief

Belief is only unproven theory
Commonly found in the human mind.
While all men have beliefs, certainly -
Not all are true, this fact we find.

Dogma is a set of beliefs probably
Religious in context and accepted
As true by a majority or assembly,
Only by a few can they be interpreted.

Skeptics, atheists, scoffers, the lot -
Can negate and deny everything they want.
But belief that has been experienced is what
Proves the truth, and deny it they can't.

We cannot speak of Love if we never loved.
We believe there's wind because we feel it.
We know what is peace in the home we have
We know what is hope and what failure can forfeit.

Belief is only belief unless experienced.
Experience evolves it to Faith, proven and true.
The reality of belief has then commenced
And Truth experienced marks all that we do.

Cynthia Buhain-Baello - - 01.27.18

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This poem should serve as a lesson to die-hard alcoholics.
I have just reread this piece. It is excellent(about an alcoholic wanting to do suicide due to depression) .
i always find that the best way to seperate egg white from its yoke is to tip it from one half of the shell to the other until they seperate. i assume it seperates because the yoke is thicker and heavier so moves quicker when tilted. i didnt do much in the kitchen, my dear elisabeth did and ii dont do any now im in here this reminded me somewhat of something my elisabeth used to say but i am not sure what so i will just thank you for reminding me of whatever it was and i can only hope it wasnt a sad memory. although all memories of my elisabeth are good, cept maybe for the ones when she was approaching the end oh i think it was bad memory even so, i liked this poem
Depression is man and woman's most unneeded disease, I pray to God to heal all your pain and anguish, to finally for you to be well and happily pleased!
A great write Edna. I was captivated by the extreme poverty you describe. 10 from Tai