Friendly 'Adwise'

Like a Kid behind a Goat, I came!
Frisking like a Lamb, I’as tame;
What happened next, ‘Tis a shame;
I wonder if ‘tis in life’s game!

This earthly life is not for name;
In life, we ought to be the same;
Condescending, help like a Crane;
Let duty, toil, become our aim.

Build friendship better than courtship;
Friend is one who helps in hardship;
Humbling oneself, be exalted;
Climb the ladder of life, humbled.

Life is short; let friendship long last;
Bring happy memoirs of the past;
Transient progress, should not cast,
A fast blotch in character fast.

Drink when you ensure ‘tis safe first;
Drink with care, only if you thirst;
Life’s ewer hath waters so deep!
Life’s ladder is climb’d but not steep.

Live life the best way possible;
God looks to rest impossible;
Work hard in life; Work like a sledge;
Misjudge not others; God will judge!

Man when skied, crashes to the ground;
Ascends a hill to tumble down;
Lost in forest, can you reach Home?
Walk on any road, yet reach Rome.

Steeper the fame-graph in life’s-hall;
The heavier the likely fall;
Accomplish life, tuned to His call;
Reach, we must that Abode for all.

Life is one of perilous vales;
Mountain-terrains, flash-floods and gales;
Trudging, we reach an unsafe place today,
Hoping haven in morrow’s way.

by Dr. A.Celestine Raj Manohar M.D.,

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