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Yeah we’re supposed to be friends,
But I don’t know if I can keep those mends.
The things you’ve said,
Make me feel as if I’ve bleed.
Everything would have been fine,
If you didn’t say your mistakes were mine.
If you just would have just told me the truth,
Instead of hurting me like an impacted tooth.
Someone close to you told me something to a degree,
Something you said you couldn’t tell me.
Yet you told me you still wanted to be friends?
No, this is where it ends!
What you did wasn’t right,
Friends don’t hurt friends with all their might.
And yet, with all you’ve put me through,
Somewhere inside me, I pity you.
Cause right now as this poem descends,
You lost what you called your very best friend.

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I really like this poem. And, I can relate well! ! Keep writing!