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Friends are gifts…that aren’t put in boxes or wrapped
They are gifts we give to ourselves
They are more precious than any gift
They are more precious than the rarest gems
They Sparkle in our Lives
True Friendship lives always
True Friends will be there for you in your Darkest Hour
True Friends will sacrifice it all for there friends
Friendship is as powerful as family and love
True Friends live thru it all
Even Death
For Friendship is a Gift that lasts Forever

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Very nice poem. Enjoyed reading it. Correction of one small grammar mistake will make it even better: It should be THEIR friends instead of THERE friends. Good work.
What would we do without friends? i love this poem... it makes you feel great. thanks, keep writing Athena *** words will change the world ***
Loved it! ! ! this is a true friend.......... i think everybody should treasure them..