As we go through life we tend to collect things. Wether it be homework, over due library books, love notes, or friends. But the further in life we go the more things we seem to accumulate. So by the time your let’s say thirty you have enough stuff to fill a storage cabinet. But by then your mature enough and you start sorting through it all. You return the library books.f Throw away your seventh grade English homework you never did and tuck those love notes away in a hidden box under your bed. Not because you love them and not because your embarrassed about them but secretly it makes you feel good to know that once someone loved you enough to write you and tell you. So you tuck it under your bed. But what about your friends. Well you keep those. The friends that when you see them all you can do is smile because you have so many inside jokes. You have songs together. You have movies that you know all the words to and just sit there and say them and laugh. You have shows that only you guys can watch together. You have things that are just yours. You basically have your own word. But what happens when you grow apart? Do you just forget the jokes. Forget the songs. Forget the movies. I know they say it’s a part of growing up but can it be avoided?

by Alexandria Yorkis

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