We will be friends forever
And remain together.
We will be friends
Until the very end.
The fights in the past
Will end till the very last.
No one can take
the friendship we make.

We love to shop
But never stop.
This friendship we create
Will not turn to hate.
We always are nice
And have advise.
We try not to fight
And be alright.

It’s fun to chat
But not be a brat.
Yet, we forget
But never regret.
We don’t like to change
And never act strange.
We like to have fun
One by one!

by Neena Sander

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Heyy i found your poems! lol their really good, i like this one the best...and i lik your love one too but yeaa thats cool. i dint kno you had put up your poems on here but its hella dope neena! : D i dont have any on miness tho