DL ( / Singapore)


Empty fields, deserted concrete
all that is left in this barren place.
There's nothing
I hold dear, nothing.

Nothing anymore.

But where do I go now
at the crossroad splits

I can't make up my mind.

What makes a clock tick?
What keeps a jigsaw together?
Everyone has something which holds them up,
a standing pillar of strength and support.

Friends you say?

Moving pictures,
neon lights.
Flashing, buzzing;
everything's a blur.

I think I took one dropp too many,
now that I'm feeling kinda funny.
Where did they all go?
I'm sure they were here a moment ago.

Friends you say?

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Comments (6)

wow. it has been on my favourite poems list for a while now. I just read it again. It's beautiful.
awesome... another great talent.. you gotz some.
loved this poem so interesting to read! ! ! 10+++
Good emotion mixed with mystery. Put together very well. Your choice of words mixed with questions is a good combination. Makes for good reading. DC
Daryl, For a young writer, you certainly have a way with words. This is another champion verse, well done. Frank
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