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Poem By Veronica Black

No man is an island, or so they say, an adage
still true up to this very day.
Throughout our lives we rediscover this truth,
as friendship's blossom to give us the proof.
Some are fleet, like ship's in the night, but we
instinctively know when something is right.
Just for a short while a bond can be formed
never to be forgotten when a new day dawns.
Others are part of our every day life, a son,
a daughter, a husband or wife
Sharing happiness as well as pain, these loyal
friends will remain the same.
Neighbours and colleagues all can be friends
our list of companions really never ends.
In fond memories of childhood there's often a few
who still remain friends whatever we do.
It's nice to remember if you leave or go away
there is always someone who wishes you'd stay.
So when we feel lonely or a little bit sad, we
can talk to our friends and things aren't so bad.

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