Friends in Christ, especially children of earth,
Adds credence through love that we are of heavenly birth.
You are Gods life preserver, through fellowship you come.
Bringing joy and gladness as fruits from our heavenly home.
To brighten our lives opening glorious windows in the sky,
Touching our hearts like a warm gentle breeze flowing by.
You fill our thoughts our minds with happy lifting songs.
Walking in His Spirit, desirous, living with no wrong.
Yes as a friend in Christ, you are more precious than gold,
A wonderful beautiful Lady, who will never grow old.

Friends in Christ, brings promise of a glorious new day;
A peace of soul comes like a turtle dove winging it's way
Amid a blushing sky as sun rays spread in the early hours of morn.
A Christlike halo about her radiates, pulsating always adorn.
The lifestyle of a Christian Lady glowing with servitude.
Her charming modesty, humility shines forth, rosebud sweet
Welcoming this precious woman, all people want to meet.
Dear Lord, in a quite hour of intercessory prayer I entreat,
Let me be worthy, a servant too, which life cannot defeat
Your glory and grace, Thank You for this friend in Christ.

by Leo Thomas Proctor

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