Silk And Satin


Silk and satin natural in synthetic in world of riches
Comfort of life drapes of golden dreams weaved in wealth
Touch of softness for the privileged few secured in stitches
For lifetime of dreaming of fortune of future in stealth
Of affluence stacked in sheets of vested power of luxury
Showered in showiness in world of gaiety rolling with joy
From dawn to dusk rolling and strolling in life’s ferry
On waves of glamour in showery of glittering ploy
For voyage on yarns in proportions of royalty of sherry
Fitting for the monarchs of hegemony in reign of time
Till scarfing of setting sun casting shadows of being merry
Titillating the timeless feelings in the rhythm of rhapsody rhyme

Till the sparkle of sheen fades like the evening sun
Living the ride gratitude in attitude for the good run

by Ashram Ashram

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good poem i can relate