Poem By Himasri Barman

A beautiful relation
Who has no specific form
One who always want happiness of someone
Who don't carry any legality
Who want to spend lots of time
Passing time of present day become memories of another day
Of course there is always ups and down
But who keep true friendship in heart
They are always be FRIENDS
Friends is like Water
Who have lots of colors
Time, distance, fight, misunderstanding
Anything can't work within True Friends
That's the power of TRUE FRIENDSHIP
Lets enjoy this way beautifully…………………………….

Comments about Friends

What a marvelous presentation it is... truly describe a heart of poet... love to read this...
A refined poetic imagination, Himasri. You may like to read my poem, Love And Lust. Thank you.
This poem beautifully describes the meaning of friendship and its value. Such a lovely and important piece of writing within few words is very difficult. Great poetry.
Friendship is one of pure form of love having no complaints and no demands. Amazing poem keep going

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