AC (16 Nov 1953 / Jammu)


what would life be without friends?
they are truly a gift, that God sends,
helps to make life full of song,
when you have a friend to sing along.

friends to cheer you,
when you're feeling bad
to lift your spirits
when you're feeling sad.

friends to confide in,
friends to seek advice,
friends who are just good fun,
and friends who are really wise.

friends who are there for you,
any time of the day,
friend who will criticize you,
and friends who will have their say.

friends to just party with,
and friends to whom you run,
friends with which you confide in,
when life is no more fun.

but best of all is the one
who is a special one for you,
a special buddy, a special girl
those who have one such, are few.

treasure and keep one such,
for, such joy to life they bring,
they have that love and feeling,
for you, they will do anything.

friendship is a treasure,
you have to labour to find,
but once discovered,
guard it jealously
make stronger the threads that bind.

life is a rich experience
made richer with friends along the way,
they warm your heart, and enlift your soul
like a golden magic ray.

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Comments (5)

life when braced up with gleams of light just a friend juxtaposed to your soul bestows the blessing divine...............beautiful apprciation of friendship, yet ingeniously wrought by lucidity blazing the glory of a friends, well penned,10+, thanks for sharing
I love how your words just flow, frineds indeed are gems! Preets
Fine Penning, Arti....well crafted in all the prime princip; es of literary verse...I enjoyed the Read''''''''''''''''''''''''FJR
Truly very well written, thank you.
This is an interesting peep on friends and their friendship.... quiet a detailed research this seems - and have been done impeccably. A good work - truly creative. I admire your ability to weave your words around the subject matter of the poem - in every poem of yours.