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Friends For Life 'Max And Me'
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Friends For Life 'Max And Me'

My friend you give your love so free
You seem to know just how I feel
With more than any words can say
One look from you is all it takes

With eyes that speak
And no word spoken
You mend my heart
Whole or broken

As time goes on
And the kids are grown
You warm my heart
In this silent home

When I call your name
And you are there
No question why
Just a faithful stare

Now Max and me
We're friends for life
But I know someday
I'll say goodbye

I'll call your name
And no one's there
No loving eyes
No faithful stare

Just tears that say
To my best friend
I'm glad we met
We shared a love that never ends

Max the dog, you're family
Best friends for life
To forever be
In my heart
And in my dreams
Like you Max
You have my love unconditionally

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