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Friends Forever
Candice Renae Williams (Jan.10 1985 / Martin, Kentucky)

Friends Forever

Friends till the end, is what they say
But I have seen reality in another way.

Once when we were young
And blissfully unaware
Where wishes and hopes could be
Whispered to the stars far above
We dreamed of a beautiful cottage that only we could share
We believed that Knights on white horses would soon be there
Looking forward to the day
When we are big enough to go away.

Then later, still lingering in our happy illusion,
The simple truth of life,
Tears the fantasy apart.
Shedding light on our real life
When the longing of our youth is shattered.

Our childhood pretense is over,
No longer shall we stay the same,
But instead change with the pain.
Whether or not our lives drift apart;
We cling to each memory,
Knowing that our bond was still special and true,
Because of that secret dream we cheerfully shared.

Now when life brings us together
In a sad reminiscent way
Ours hopes and laughter
Are shared as we swing on the porch,
Drinking tea
And dreaming our little dreams,
Together, once more.

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