(09/ 27/64 / New York)

Friends From Yesteryear

It is such a joyful feeling

to connect w/ a long, lost friend

remembering all the times you had

thinking they would never end

All the lessons and the trials

the shared laughter and the tears

these are all apart of growing up

never forgotten over the years

But life is ever changing

we lose touch along the way

we may have such different lives

but memories live on and stay

We may never spend another day together

like we did so many years before

but in my heart you'll stay

locked away and loved~ forevermore...♥

by Dee Corpolongo

Comments (3)

Friends may not be around as they used to be in the past but the friendship lasts a life time: we lose touch along the way but memories live on and stay ....in my heart you'll stay
Agree with Smoky, this is a lovely write Dee.
Oh, this is so very beautiful. I have several friends from way-back, that I may never see again, but always treasure them in my heart. You have captured the spirit of that great love perfectly here. Very good!