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Friends - Kristal Lee
CD (May 9,1984 / USA (Born in MA) (Raised in MI))

Friends - Kristal Lee

Poem By Coreena Dejesus

There is this girl her name is Kristal Lee,
Look at her and you’ll think she’s full of glee.
She is a well rounded person this you will see.

She resembles the definition of class and style,
Raised in California she’ll greet you with a smile,
Don’t worry it isn’t her taste to ever become hostile.

She longs deep inside to have you take her serious from time to time.
She can become a serious person at the dropp of a dime,
You’ll think her mood changed before you can hear the coin chime.

Open your eyes you’ll see her story and hear her song,
She’ll stand up and say when something’s wrong,
Can’t be persuaded what she believes she stands strong.

Boyfriend wait not yet she has patients,
You won’t see her jumping from relations to relations,
In a man she holds EXTREMELY high expectations.

Birthday being 7th of Jan. zodiac sign of Capricorn,
Although this is just the date that she was born,
Traits she does hold of zodiac creature the goat with a horn.

She’s ambitious and goes for her dreams,
Although she shoots for the stars she doesn’t go the extreme,
Her goals are simple love and life it seems.

She’s a kind and gentle soul you can’t disagree,
You can’t always guarantee you get what you see,
Written by a friend of the girl named Kristal Lee.

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You paint a good, clear portrait. She sounds like a good friend to have! As you asked for feedback, here's a quick thought: A decision to use a formal rhyme scheme and stanza pattern usually also includes (1) the use of conventional punctuation and (2) the use of a rhythmical pattern. The latter need not be employed in a slavish manner (to do so would create a sing-song effect) but should form an underlying beat that helps hold the poem together. You might use the internet to read a bit about metrics. As I said, just a thought. Have fun!