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Friends, Lovers, Here And Yonder

Pretending, playing a game of cat and mouse
Vulnerable and coy, such a sweet game
For pleasure that subdues the burdens
Of a committed relationship
Of all responsibilities
A commitment made only with
and between hearts

Damned be the barrier that separates them
Torturing the very souls that can be only satisfied
With the provisions that fate has dealt them
If only for one minute, one second
They can look beyond that barrier
And peek though the greatest window
To each others soul

‘Til that glorious day arrive
Lovers will feed on only what they have been told,
Voices heard..
Not what they have never seen
For seeing allows them to face the unknown
The unknown that demands them to be truthful
Not only to themselves, but to each other

O happy day, O happy day
What the future holds in her grasp
Is unknown...Surely enough
friend and lover, here and yonder
A friendship, a relationship strong as a mighty wind
Endures past, present and future adversities.

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