Friends Who Focus More On Boyfriends

It is sad to see
what a boyfriend does to me
but he was never mine
and was always on my friends mind
She thought about him a lot
to bad I couldn't see
she stopped talking to me
and drifted away from me

She began to change
in a completally different way
and it is horrible
to see her that way
I felt so alone
and it hurt inside
it had felt like
I was going to die

I wanted to say something
but I didn't want her to get mad
so slowly I cried
but she was never sad
I was a big part of her life
but of course no more
when that boyfriend came in
and took my role

I was angry and furious
but sat in despar
and she still never talked to
and never even cared
In school I sat in a corner
and I sighed
I started to get upset
and I began to cry

Frends don't understand
what boyfriend can do to them
unless your friend
tries to reason with them
but then they break up
isn't that great
she comes back to you
and you feel hate

you shun her away
you don't want to get hurt
and she starts to cry
and says I didn't mean for you to get hurt
People who are doing this
not only does it hurt you
your friend are waiting
dying for you

It is sad to see
what a boyfriend does to me
but he was always on my friends mind
but she was careful not to make me cry
We remain good friend to this day
but I still remember that fateful day
so if you have turned friends away
bring them back and don't treat them that way.

by shelbie bozeman

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thats why you find someone who will always be there for you through thick or thin someone who likes you for you