Friends Who Would Die For You

I had a good friend
her name was jess
and our friendship fell apart
when she took the test

She had to skate
out on the ice
but the ice shattered
and she began to die

The look in her eyes
I remember to this day
the look in her eyes
That she was afraid

She was trapped under the ice
and I tried frantically to help
but it was no use
There was nothing to help

She couldn't breathe
and I got mad
I screamed at god
am I really that bad

I shoved my foot through the ice
and jumped in
by this time she was unconsious
and she had givin in

I was angry
as I pulled her up
they did cpr
she was sick as a pup

I went with her
all the way to the hospital
and I remember
she said remember when we were little

I was crying
as hard as I was able
I almost lost my friend
and she said she was disabled

A few weeks later
I go back to see her
only to find out
that she isn't there

I was freaked
I said where did she go
they said she was discharged
a day ago

I ran to her house
(I forgot at the time)
that my dad was waiting for me
at the hospital line

I reached her
and gave her a hug
and said don't ever do that again
and she says haha give me a hug

From that day to this
we have been good friends
and we are always together
to the very end.

she was fine
and she therefore
has a friends
who would die for her

she isn't disabled
thank god for that
and she still skates
and has her spirit back

by shelbie bozeman

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Nicely Done, good friends are truly hard to find, may your friendship continue to grow as the years go by. Thank you for sharing this story with us. May peace and joy fill your heart each and everyday. Scott