Friends With Benefits

Can love truly be walled
Does it really matter what a relationship is called
Even if we deny the word for fear of rejection
I think what is really happening is called protection

So, you have given what you have away
Do you really think he is gonna stay?
You love him but you cannot say it aloud
Your introduced as a friend when he is with the crowd

A friend, really? Is that all it is?
Is this what you imagined before your first kiss
When you dreamed of love and being swept off your feet
He can sleep with someone else and he is not even a cheat

And so love dwells deep within your heart
Are you truly close or are you really worlds apart
Is he there for the benefits and that's all he really wants
And dreams of relationships are nothing more than taunts

And so love is real and it can never be walled
No matter if your "only" a friend and that's all your ever called
This is not your destiny you are called to something higher
A commitment, a promise, a ring, is what you should require

by Frank McEleny

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