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He's The Kind Of Guy/ If My Heart Was The Sky

He's the kind of guy
Who can light on a room
just by flicking the switch

He's the kind of guy
That will steal your cut up heart
Right out of the trash if you don't watch carefully

He's the kind of man
Who'll catch you if you fall
If he's not in the corner laughing his ass off

He's the kind of man
That can melt your cold heart
That you worked so hard making

He's the kind of guy
Who will open the door for you
But take forever comming to the other side of the car

He's the kind of guy
That believes in you unconditionally
Because he doesn't know any better

He's the kind of man
Who can keep a secret
because he never listens to what you say

He's the kind of man
That will give you his jacket when you're cold
But only if he notices your teeth chatter

But he's my kind of guy
He's the perfect one for me
Of all men, he's just my kind
The one i plan to keep


If my heart was the sky,
And love was the black
Tonight would be the blackest night
And the sun would never come back

by Gabriella Franco

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Friendship is the clouds that rise in heat strokes of life and promise showers. A nice poem.
Your poem on friendship is amazing and very true. Please provide me with more of your biography so that my son can use it for the poet's intro for his recitation competition.... Thank you
A beautiful penning/declaration of friendship. Thanks for sharing.
This is all about friendship. That is very thoughtful of you.
oh my goodness. this would be a great poem to say if your best friend was getting married.. i love it.. its amazing.. in fact..i have a question.
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