To feel something in your heart for someone else is the true meaning of love
To forgive others of there wrong doings is the true meaning of forgiveness
To help others in there time of need instead of watching them suffer is the true meaning of friendship
To keep people in your heart forever is the true meaning of family
To try and understand others pain is the true meaning of generosity.
Why do you guys push me away from our friendship that we had for years
All I ever wanted was to be accepted by people who would put there necks on the line for me
But I guess I was wrong about you guys
I try to help when I can even if I’m young but you seem to think I don’t understand,
I can’t help people who try and point out all my faults just because I’m not as smart
If how you treat me is a joke then I’m not laughing
All you see is my smiley personality but on the inside I feel alone and left out
I might not see you a lot but I want to be apart of this team too
I can change if that’s the problem
Am I too stupid, too slow, annoying, sensitive, I can take a hint if I’m not wanted
Just remember I was there for all of you and I will always be a true friend
So when you need a shoulder to cry on I won’t be there
I might be young but that doesn’t mean you can put me as the but of every joke
You might lose a precious friendship if this is the case
So hear me now before its too late read this and you will understand how I feel
To look at others with respect instead of disgust is true friendship

by Sandra Toure

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it sucks when friendships, get messed cuz some people dont appreciate all you do for them. i know that feeling