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Poeple said,
'A Friend in need is a friend indeed'
But I thought,
'As many times u help, u make a new friend for urself.'
People said,
'friendship is a ship full of friends'
But then i thought,
'Friendship is a sea n once u dive, thou get a new meaning in your life'

and so on and on i thought.

I thought why not interview,
most different of them i choose,
n got so many answers.
Some answered thoughtfully,
some didnt even cared,
some just whispered,
some said 'Excuse Me! No time there! ! ! '
well! ! !
some said,
'Friends are ones, with whom we our secrets share'
some said,
'Friends are once, with whom we make perfect pair'
some said.
They are sick, probably failed to find the correct pick'
some said,
'Give us a break, for god sake'
some said,
'Friendship is the holiest dip'
some said,
'freindship is sweeter than the ice-cream u lick'

well there something that touched, as said,
Friend is one who has,
'...black eyes but a blue vision,
Ugly face but a beautiful smile,
Hoarse voice but a distinct advice,
filthy clothes but clean mind,
Dull look but a sharp eyes...'

well at last,
Friendship is the 'key',
Be as good as u wanna be,
B'coz its not just abt friends,
its abt how much love, care n wishes u wish to lend.

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