This tortuos path through hills and valleys too,
This upward climb, a task we all must do.
How sweet can be the road, if on the way,
You have a friend,
Oftimes the footsteps falter on the way,
And clouds surround to dim the light of day,
But courage steels the heart, when you can know
You have a friend.
True friends are rare, as rare as precious jewels,
To scoff at friendship is a trait of fools,
You know great depths of love and kinship, when
You have a friend.
A friend is loyalty, accepts you as you are,
A friend is constancy, and never very far.
When foes assail, you have a champion, when
You have a friend.
Of all God's precious gifts, I think by far,
The greatest one of all-the shining star,
This wondrous gift of love, what joy to say
''I have a friend!''

by Margaret G. Perkins

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