The perfect friend, silent, always in heart,
guiding, consoling, joining, upholding,
never too busy, never imposing,
never too ready and never withholding.

Understanding as if in my footsteps he walks,
impartial as if he was never embroiled
in all the troubles and heartaches and toils,
everyday problems and emotional turmoil.

A light in the darkness, a smile in the sun,
a friendship that has no time it began,
with no end to his kindness, so fitting a man,
wise in his answers and still joining the fun.

A friend to all that would see him that way,
no matter their viewpoint, proffession,
colour, religion, wealth or position,
always fesh what he offers,
and yet always the same.

A friend that seeming
has so many names,
One that I call my own;
(I feel him that way) ,
and all that may find him,
they feel just the same.

by David Taylor

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Lovely tribute to friendship which is the best of our gifts here on earth - you cleverly pulled out so many wonderful adjectives for this precious possession, and each one has a beauty of it's own....thank you for this.