It may be poetic.
How one can take a slice of life.
To either be cynical.
Or sarcastic to have a particular bite.
It may even be poetic.
To describe and tenderize,
A heartbreaking scene on urban streets.
With depicting gang warfare,
As an incident infrequently happening.
But disturbs it does,
The floral displays.
And sweet scents they leave.

It may be poetic.
To see those overdosing.
On drugs sold to them illegally.
While the bluest of uniforms,
Worn by police.
Beating someone innocent.
Until their blood to bleed,
Becomes an everyday occurrence.
To no more shock or disbelieve.
Just how poetic life can be,
When one can find in these times...
More who read poems,
Will look for lines to find where they rhyme.
But not comprehend what it is,
A poet attempts to convey.
With a seriousness most dismiss.
To critique not the message.
But the poor edit of one poetic.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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